Get to know our staff at Buntain – episode 2

It’s time for our second edition of “Get to know our staff at Buntain”. For this month’s feature we caught up with Joanne Barnes, another long time employee at Buntain Insurance Agencies Ltd. and third generation of the Buntain family.

Buntain Insurance: So Joanne, when and why did you decide to become an Insurance Agent?

Joanne: When I moved back to Vancouver in 2001 after living in Indianapolis, I decided to embark on a great opportunity to join the family business. Between 2001 and 2005 I worked on and off with Buntain Insurance until I decided to make this my full career.

Buntain Insurance: Can you share an insurance fact that our readers’ might find interesting?

Joanne: With the Insurance Industry constantly changing, I always find myself learning something new everyday. Whether it be about finding solutions for our clients or developing a greater understanding of the coverages that our various Insurance Companies provide; I am always trying to expand my understanding of the Industry to better assist our clients.

Buntain Insurance: What is it like working in a family business?

Joanne: Working in a family business has it challenges at times, however, it also means that I have the opportunity to work alongside my family to help develop and grow a business that our grandfather started over 45 years ago.

Buntain Insurance: What is your favorite thing about working for Buntain Insurance?

Joanne: My favorite thing about working at Buntain is all of the great customers that we get to interact with on a daily basis. Getting to see our customers year-in and year-out has allowed us to build some very special relationships over the years.

Buntain Insurance: What is your greatest accomplishment to date?

Joanne: My greatest accomplishment would have to be my 14 year old son, Eric. I am very privileged to have a great relationship with my son.

Buntain Insurance: Do you have any dreams and/or goals that you have yet to fulfill?

Joanne: I am constantly setting goals for myself to ensure that I continue growing and learning. Specific to work, my goal is to continue educating myself and expand my current knowledge in the Insurance Industry. In life, my goals and dreams are centered around family. I also love to spend time with good friends and hope to continue travelling and exploring the world.

A great goal indeed and one that I think a lot of us strive for – family and exploring the world.

Well that covers another member of the Buntain team. Look out for next month’s edition where we will highlight another staff member giving you a chance to get to know us better.

Until next time.

To read up on Joanne’s biography, check it out here.