Get to know our staff at Buntain – episode 1

As a way for our clients to have a better understanding of what is going on in and around the Buntain Insurance offices, we have decided to kick off the “Get to know our staff at Buntain” newsletter. Every month we will be highlighting a different staff member from one of our four offices to give you a chance to get to know us a little bit more.

For the first edition of “Get to know our staff at Buntain” we have decided to catch up with one of Buntain’s longest running employees, Anthea Milne. Despite her busy lifestyle of working in and out of the office, being a mom to two teenage girls and looking after her husband and dog, we were able to sit her down (with a coffee in hand) to ask her a few questions that we may not normally get in an average visit to the office or to our website. Check it out below:

Buntain Insurance: So Anthea, being one of the longest running employees at Buntain, how long does that mean you have been working for them?

Anthea: Forever…no really. I worked part time while I went to UBC, left for a few years, came back in 1991 and I have been here ever since.

Buntain Insurance: Wow, that really is a long time. You must really enjoy working for them. What’s your favorite thing about working for Buntain?

Anthea: Hands down it is because I have been able to do so many different jobs over the years. I started my career with Buntain by being a road runner at a local car dealership. I then moved to the Granville office, which I eventually managed for a few years. Things switched up again when I had kids and I then began to work on the Commercial Lines portfolio with Gord. Now, I am very much behind the scenes helping manage and develop new software, overseeing reconciliations, payables, payroll and commissions. Even though I now work primarily from home, it is my continued hope to be very much part of the Buntain team.

Buntain Insurance: Given the amount of time you have been involved in the Insurance Industry, you must have come across some interesting facts and realizations about Insurance over the years. Is there anything you can share with our clients?

Anthea: It is not about selling products it is very simply just about helping people and developing relationships.

Buntain Insurance: I guess Insurance isn’t so complicated after all, but something that you can compare to most things in life – it’s all about building relationships. Well now that we have covered some insurance aspects, can you tell us something about yourself that our average customer might not know about you?

Anthea: I have not strayed far from my roots. I grew up in West Vancouver and have been lucky enough to raise my family in Edgemont Village in North Vancouver.

Buntain Insurance: What are something’s that inspire you?

Anthea: So many things. My husband, my kids, my girlfriends, an hour on a yoga mat, a run on the Baden Powell Trail with my dog, playing the piano, reading a great book, cooking a great meal. And let’s not forget a really good glass of red wine.

Buntain Insurance: I think many of us can contest to that last one. And what about the future; do you have any dreams/goals that you have yet to fulfill?

Anthea: I would like to travel to a new country each year. Last year was Costa Rica for a yoga retreat and this year it will be Italy. Can’t wait to see where I end up in 2014!

That is a great goal and one that will keep you busy not only enjoying all of the different adventures but planning for where to go next. One thing you won’t have to worry about is getting your travel insurance policy… I am sure you already have that all covered.

Keep an eye out for next month’s addition of “Get to know our staff at Buntain” for the next staff member that we will profile. Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season.