Considering Collector’s Plates?

If you have a beautiful collector or limited-edition collector vehicle, driven only occasionally, you might want to apply for collector plates. Collector plates can provide proof of value for your mint condition vehicle, and help ensure that you get your vehicle’s worth should a total loss occur. These plates are available for cars, light trucks and motorcycles.

Below is a list of requirements, as well as some helpful tips on the application process and how to avoid unnecessary delays:

To qualify, your vehicle must be:

  • at least 25 years old, or
  • at least 15 years old and of no more than 1,500 of that make and model (not edition) produced worldwide by the manufacturer for that model year
  • at least 15 years old, where the manufacturer owning the “trademark” or “make” of that vehicle has ceased manufacturing vehicles of any kind for at least the last five years, or
  • registered as a 1958 or earlier model with a vehicle status of “altered” (has had one or more major components replaced).

And be:

  • in exceedingly good condition (for example, no dents, scratches, rust, chips in the paint, visible primer, tears in the interior);
  • in a condition that conforms to the original manufacturer’s specifications (no non-approved parts and/or accessories added); and
  • maintained in the same condition when originally approved for collector plates
  • Only driven for Pleasure use.

If your vehicle meets the above criteria then you are eligible for Collector status.

Here’s how to apply:

  1. Fill out an application form. (PDF)
  2. Photograph your vehicle, following the instructions provided.
    See sample photos »
  3. Take the completed application and photos to any one of our locations or mail them to ICBC directly.
    Note: All pages of the application must be submitted for Collector status approval.

Once ICBC receives your application, it will take about four to six weeks to review.

Please note, even where your vehicle meets the criteria, acceptance for Collector Plates is not guaranteed. Ensure your photos clearly show the vehicle, there are no missing parts and review the full list of requirements before submitting your application.

Further information can be found on the Collector vehicles section of